WIDA International School Consortium

The WIDA International School Consortium is a network of international schools that use WIDA's research-based standards and assessments.

WIDA resources and International Schools

The International Consortium is for international schools who want to meet the needs of their English language learners (ELL) with the leading standards and assessments for K-12 ELLs.

There are approximately 300 international school members in over 80 countries that have integrated the WIDA English Language Development framework and assessments into their program. Member schools use the components of the WIDA Framework as a tool to support both language learning and academic achievement.

There are three WIDA English proficiency assessments used by most international schools: the W-APT (screener), WIDA Screener Paper (screener) and WIDA MODEL (summative). These assessments are built on WIDA’s definition of Academic Language. As a benefit of your membership in the International Consortium you are able to download the W-APT and able to purchase WIDA Screener Paper and either the paper-based MODEL for Grades K-12 or the Online MODEL Assessments for Grades 1-12.

International schools have found that the since the WIDA assessments are aligned with WIDA’s other instructional resources, they support a collaborative approach to integrating language and content learning which includes co-planning, co-teaching and co-assessing.

5-minute clip of a Panel Discussion of EAL teachers from different international schools at the AASSA 2016 Conference in Lima, Peru
What did you hear that connects with your context?

Who should consider joining the WIDA International School Consortium?

The WIDA International School Consortium was designed for international schools who want to meet the needs of their English learners with the leading standards and assessments for K-12 ELLS.

The consortium is not for tutoring or other non-school organizations. If you're not sure if your organization applies, please contact store@wceps.org to inquire about membership.

Membership Benefits

  • Assessment tools: Exclusive access to WIDA assessment tools and WIDA technical support services. WIDA Screener and WIDA MODEL assessments may only be purchased by member schools.
  • Online Resources: A download library (e.g. recorded webinars, PowerPoint slides, instructional resources) is available to members to provide additional information on how WIDA standards and assessment support teaching and learning.
  • Learning Opportunities: Exclusive professional learning events. Schools must be members of the WIDA International Consortium in order to attend a WIDA Symposium or Workshop.
  • International Standards: WIDA resources are used in approximately 300 international schools worldwide, providing common assessment tools and proficiency standards which support student mobility. Innovative teaching approaches and a shared knowledge base support teachers across the WIDA network.
  • Global Networking: WIDA helps develop programs and practices that support inclusive and effective teaching and learning for all students. International educators value the opportunity to learn from other schools.
  • Logo Use: Ability to display the WIDA International Consortium logo on your website or in email signatures. As part of the global education community, the WIDA logo shows that are at the forefront of international education by developing inclusive programs that build on the assets of all learners.
  • Research Community: Member schools are the first to learn about latest research in teaching multilingual students. WIDA is part of the globally-ranked School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, providing access to thought leaders in the field as well as research opportunities for member schools.
  • Cohesion for School Groups: WIDA supports common operations, policies and data collection across individual schools within a foundation or educational group. It aligns teaching and learning with common assessment tools and a shared asset-based approach to multilingual students.
  • Member Pricing: Members receive a significant discount on any resources in the WIDA store.

How to Join

  • What is the cost to join?
  • $495 annual fee per school. Discounts are available for school groups when member schools join collectively.
  • When will my subscription start?
  • You may sign up at any time and immediately start receiving the benefits. Membership is renewable on an annual 12-month basis.

You may renew your membership directly online or contact us for a pro forma invoice. Once payment is received we will renew your membership and send your updated account information to you.

The WIDA International School Consortium is managed by WIDA’s non-profit partner, the Wisconsin Center for Education Products and Services (WCEPS), and provides support across the spectrum of international school needs.

Contact WIDA International School Consortium at store@wceps.org or 877-272-5593 or fax 608-441-2769 with questions. Learn more about WIDA at the University of Wisconsin.

About WIDA

WIDA is a research center founded in 2002 within the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

WIDA resources support a systemic approach to both collaboration and differentiation based on students’ assets as expressed in the WIDA Can Do Philosophy, and built on the research-based WIDA Guiding Principles of Language Development. Since we are a non-profit research center based at a university, most of the WIDA resources are available as free PDF downloads in the WIDA Resource Library.


Contact your school, WIDA representative or email us at store@wceps.org to request your credentials

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